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Women's 2020-2021 Circle Bible Study


At Offsite

Sunday, February 7, 2021
11:59 PM

Lesson Five:  “Lamenting Life”

Scripture: Job 3:1-4, 9-19, 24-26

Using the worksheet, please write down a few thoughts about the lesson that spoke to you.  Send your comments to Beverly or Carol.

See the lesson five worksheet here.

Suggested Hymns:

Why Stand So Far Away, My God?  (Ps. 10 paraphrase) 

This is a different tune than printed, but very beautiful. 

Text is by Ruth Duck (1985) 

In an Age of Twisted Values

the Nebraska congregation 

Text is by Martin Leckebusch (1995) 

“Hear our cry and heal our nation till our nation honors you.” 

You Are My Refuge, Faithful God  (Ps 31 paraphrase)

this is just a piano version, from the site. I did not find a sung version on YouTube. The text is  

Text is by David Gambrell 

When We Must Bear Persistent Pain

The Nebraska congregation, a very tender rendition 

Text is again by Ruth Duck who suffered debilitating migraines