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This page displays a list of news about happenings at First Presbyterian Church. See the "Event-Calendar" pages for information about events for which you may attend.


3/13/2018      Wednesday Night Study Group Report

If you'll remember, the congregation tasked the Wednesday Night Bible Study Group with prayerfully exploring possible directions for our church. The outcome of those considerations is summarized below on the attached report. Session approves the study group's recommendation that we remain affiliated with PCUSA. The next steps are to be read more »

3/11/2018      “Raised Up!” : Sermon 3/11/2018

Sermon Text: John 3: 14-21 I have a friend who is a herpetologist---she studies amphibians (such as frogs and toads) and reptiles (such as lizards, turtles, and snakes). I’m okay with all of them except for snakes. Since I’m not knowledgeable enough to know a harmless snake from a venomous read more »

2/13/2018      "Psalms For Lent" - Lenten Devotional

Please join in the Lenten devotional, "Psalms for Lent." Copies of the devotional are available in the Narthex at no cost. This devotional begins on Ash Wednesday (February 14, 2018). Copies are also available in electronic format on-line. read more »

8/22/2017      Women of the Church 2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study

Women of the Church 2017-2018 Horizons Bible Study Cloud of Witnesses ~The Community of Christ in Hebrews. It is time to resume our monthly Fellowship Circles with Bible Study at First Presbyterian, Denton. We meet the first Tuesday of the month beginning Tuesday Sept.5 Sybil Hopper Room at 7:00 PM read more »